Introducing the To-do List.

Release Update: Expect rolling release to begin for all admin users starting May

Keeping up with an ever increasing number of lead related tasks can be a challenge. To help our agents get and stay organized we’ve added a cool new feature to Influx specifically to help you make your workflow easier to manage. The To-Do list has plenty of flexibility so you can adapt it to the way you like to work and use its powerful features to help keep you organized.

What’s a to-do list?

Your to-do list is a reminder system. Each day your to-do list updates with tasks that you want to remember. Your list is sorted and prioritized to help you complete the most important tasks first. If you miss tasks, your list will reprioritize for you bringing missed items closer to the top.

Along with reminding you, your to-do list adds items to your schedule. Blocking time for meetings and phone calls as well as sending notifications and reminders to leads who you are planning to meet with.

Your to-do list is ready to help with phone calls, meetings, map steps and support requests for leads or patients.

When would I use a to-do list?

We think that by incorporating to-do into your workflow, you will be able to shift from using views to guide daily management to simply completing your to-do list. Once you adopt the habit of using them, to-do items will have all of the tasks that you need to perform each day to keep your leads working through the intake process. Views are always available as a backup, but your to-do list is likely to become the central part of how you manage leads.

How do I use a to-do list?

  1. Navigate to the add steps section of the map
  2. Select the Mirror option from the field type list
  3. Complete the standard step fields
    • Step Name
    • Step Description
    • Completion Message
    • Required
  4. Select the field you wish to mirror from the list.
  5. Click Save

There are four types of to-do items:

  1. Phone calls
  2. Meetings
  3. Steps
  4. Support

Phone calls and meeting to do items are used to schedule a time to communicate with a lead. They allow you to set a reminder for yourself that will show on your dashboard as well as sending reminder emails to the lead you intend to call or meet with. Once you add a meeting to your schedule, you can immediately send a confirmation email to the lead. Then, you can send reminder emails at various intervals before the meeting.
Step to do items are simple reminders that you can make for yourself to prevent forgetting a particular step for a lead.  You might, for example set a reminder to follow up with a lead that you have not been able to reach.
Support to-do items are to remind yourself of tasks that are not part of the normal intake process. If there is a question that you need to find an answer to or a problem that needs to be addressed, the support to-do item will make sure you don’t forget.

I used to use alerts to remind me. What happened to them?

Alerts are now reserved important events that may require intervention.  They notify you of bounced emails, new leads that you may have missed or internal messages that require follow up.  With the introduction of the to-do list, you will not need to set alerts any more.

I have many alerts set for the next few weeks, do I need to reset them as to-do items?

No. When your installation is updated to 1.3.2, any alerts that exist will be converted to to-do items.

Have more questions? Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer you.