Introducing Mirror Steps

Release Update: Expect rolling release to begin for all admin users starting November 30th.

Keeping lead information synchronized just got easier with the introduction of mirror steps into the map building process.

What’s a mirror step?

Mirror steps are standard steps paired with fields. The pairing means that values updated in either the mirrored step or the field will automatically update the others value.

When would I use a mirror step?

The value of mirrored steps is to ensure information used as report metrics is updated as part of a map’s workflow. The update can occur in either a form, demographic field or in completion of a step.

For example, an administrator wishes to create a report to show the location that leads are attending information seminars. The administrator suspects that some locations are not used enough to justify the cost. The administrator added a drop-down selection field to the lead demographics panel but has found that the field options are entered by agents only 30% of the time.

To remedy this the administrator can add a mirror step to track. By mirroring the seminar location field as a step, agents would have to update the value as part of the map. If the agent has already updated the field in the demographics panel, when the track opens the step takes the field value and is completed automatically for the agent.

How do I add a mirror step?

Influx MD Mirror Step Selector
Influx MD Add Mirror Step Control
  1. Navigate to the add steps section of the map
  2. Select the Mirror option from the field type list
  3. Complete the standard step fields
    • Step Name
    • Step Description
    • Completion Message
    • Required
  4. Select the field you wish to mirror from the list.
  5. Click Save

If triggers are associated with the step, will they activate every time the step is changed?

No. A trigger can only activate once for any event so if the step is changed in the map and a trigger activates no other action can cause the trigger to activate again. If the field has a value when the step opens the step will mirror the value and automatically close. Triggers on the close event will activate.

What happens when the value of a field with a mirror step is updated?

Field values can be changed any time. If the field is updated before the step opens (before it is available in a track) the step value will mirror the value when it opens. If the field value is changed after the step is closed, the step will mirror the value in the database.

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