Increase Trigger Options with Conditionals

Release Update: Expect rolling release to begin for all admin users starting January 31th.

While performing an action in response to an open or close event on a map, track, or step is a relatively straight forward task for Influx triggers, there are times when you may want Influx to choose one of several possible actions depending on the value of a field or a step.

This is made possible by using a special trigger called a conditional trigger.

What’s a conditional trigger?

Conditional triggers act like a controller for other triggers. When it is time for an action to occur, the conditional trigger will look at the value of a field or step and decide, based on that value which action is the best one to perform. In other words, the value of the field or step is the condition and the trigger action that occurs is conditional on that value. Conditional triggers can only be applied to steps and fields that can have only one value like radio buttons, drop down lists and step checkboxes.They cannot be applied to custom checkboxes, dates or text fields.

When would I use a conditional trigger?

Conditional triggers allow you to perform a different action for each value in a list.

For example: Your practice has five locations that leads can come to for their first visit. You would like to send the lead directions to your office but you don’t want them to be confused by receiving an email with all of the locations included.

To solve this problem you can set up a trigger for each location which sends an email with instructions how to get to that location. You can then use a conditional trigger to evaluate the location dropdown and select the right location trigger based on the office selected in the dropdown.

A more sophisticated example could use the value of an insurance selection dropdown to trigger a flex trigger to adjust the required steps in a flex track specific to the insurance selected.

To ensure that the right value is available to the conditional trigger, use a mirror step in a previous track to guarantee the correct value is entered in the field setting the condition. Learn more about mirror steps.

How do I set up a conditional trigger?

Conditional triggers are managed by an administrator. Before setting the conditional trigger, you will need all of the standard triggers you intend to include as options.

Trigger selection dropdown
Conditional trigger
Adding a conditional trigger.
  1. Select triggers from the side panel menu
  2. Place cursor over add trigger link
  3. Select Conditional from dropdown list
  4. Enter the name for your trigger
  5. Select channel
  6. Select the step that supplies conditions
  7. Assign an trigger action to each step value
  8. Assign a default trigger(required)
  9. Click save

What if I don’t have an action for every step value?

By setting a default action you tell Influx to use the default for any value that does not have an assigned action. If you select a blank action and define it as the default, the trigger will perform no action for other blank actions.

How do I make sure the step value (condition) is correct?

If you assign the conditional trigger to a mirror step or place a mirror step in an earlier track, the value will have to be assigned as part of the workflow.

Can I change the actions assigned to a conditional trigger after it is made?

An administrator can change the actions in a conditional trigger at any time. The step value is assessed when the trigger runs so changes will affect any lead where the conditional trigger has not yet fired. It cannot change trigger actions that have already occurred.

Can I use a conditional trigger as an action in another conditional trigger?

No. The action list will only allow you to select standard triggers or flex triggers. This is a restriction designed to protect your sanity.

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