Get to Know Clinic Link™

Version 1.5.6. Available after March 31, 2018.

Get to know the InfluxMD Clinic Link

Clinic Link is a section of Influx MD designed for use by your customers as a self-help resource center. While leads and patients use Clinic Link to learn, follow progress, and communicate with your team, Influx learns from their behavior and preferences so that it can optimize the user experience while they are on Clinic Link. The same information can be used in your marketing so that emails and information provided to leads is highly relevant to them. Clinic link is available to all Influx MD users, but integrating it into your workflow is optional.

Why Use Clinic Link?

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There are two main reasons to use Clinic Link.

  1. Improve the experience of people interacting with your medical practice.
  2. Learn more about what drives your leads and how you can win them as patients.

Improving the Customer Experience

Clinic link provides a place where leads and patients can have their questions answered without delay. 
It provides a self-service website where leads and patients can find out more about you and your practice anytime they want.

Clinic link differs from your website is three main ways.

  1. Because it is private, you can post information there that you don’t want on your public website such as internal promotions and resources that you consider sensitive.
  2. With three levels of security, Clinic Link maintains privacy for leads and patients, and HIPAA compliance to collect insurance related information or for private messaging.
  3. Even though you most likely track visitors to your website, Clinic Link goes a step further by closing the loop on activity and tying it back to individual leads. By processing this information, Influx can score your leads and prioritize those who indicate through their behavior that they are ready to convert to patients. This allows agents to quickly identify those leads to reach out to and engage.

Learn what Drives Your Leads

Influx learns from the behavior of your leads. Examples of what Influx can deduce are:

  • Resource interests
  • Motivation
  • Issues and problems
  • Content preferences
  • Stage of the buyer’s journey

Using this information, Influx carefully customizes Clinic Link content to match the interest of the lead to increase engagement and improve the patient experience with your medical practice.

When you send emails to connect with leads, Influx uses the profile collected to make suggestions to the lead about content that may be of interest. The high relevance of your communication increases trust and further enhances engagement.

When the lead appears ready to convert, Influx will surface the lead and notify an agent that the lead should be contacted in person.

Intuitive on a Desktop, Optimized for Mobile

Clinic link provides access to the following services for your leads in an interface that is easy and intuitive whether being accessed from a desktop or mobile device:

  1. Dashboard – Convenient access to Clinic Link services
  2. My Messages – Secure messaging between agent and lead
  3. My Resources – a library of engagement resources
  4. My Progress – (optional) Process list for the intake process with steps to complete.
  5. My Events – If using event scheduling Influx records scheduled and open events here.
  6. My Profile – Lead details (as much or as little as you wish to record)
  7. My Account – Lead password and preferences.

As well as these features, Clinic link offers a customizable home page, thank you pages for campaign tracking and unsubscribe pages.

Have more questions? Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer you.