Automate Flex Tracks with Flex Triggers

Release Update: Expect rolling release to begin for all admin users starting December 30th.

Flex tracks allow agents to customize steps included in a track by manually adding or removing steps for an individual lead. In situations where the step selection can be determined based on another field or step value, flex triggers can save valuable time and keep your workflow efficient

What’s a flex trigger?

Administrators configure flex triggers to automatically add or remove steps in a flex tracks to eliminate the need for agents to manually adjust the flex track.

When would I use a flex trigger?

In any situation where the configuration of a flex track can be determined by the value of another step or field, a flex trigger can be used to make the appropriate flex track changed.

For example: Your practice provides three surgical procedures that have an identical intake process with the exception of the pre-surgical testing required. You had considered creating three different maps but realized that using a flex track you could add all of the pre-surgical tests to the track and then remove the ones that the lead did not need once the type of surgery was decided.

Instead of adjusting the flex track for each lead when they decide on the surgery, three flex triggers can be created to change the flex track to the specific configuration for each surgery. The flex triggers can then be used in conjunction with a conditional trigger to make the correct configuration based on the value of the surgical procedure selected.

A flex triggers are usually used in conjunction with mirror steps and conditional triggers working together. Learn more

How do I set up a flex trigger?

Flex tracks are created by administrators during map definition.

Trigger selection dropdown
Add flex trigger

Adding a conditional trigger

  1. Select triggers from the side panel menu
  2. Place cursor over add trigger link
  3. Select Flex from dropdown list
  4. Enter the name for your trigger
  5. Select the channel
  6. Select the flex track from the drop down list
  7. Check boxes in the show column for steps
  8. Click save


Why can’t I select some of the steps in the Active Steps list?

When setting up the flex track, an administrator can lock specific steps within the track so they cannot be removed. These steps are checked by default and cannot be unchecked.

Why can’t I remove mirror steps?

A mirror step is placed in a track to ensure a reporting metric is captured. Because it is required for the report to be accurate, it cannot be removed from a track.

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