How Influx MD helped a Texas bariatric surgery program increase surgical patient conversions by 543%

Texas is well known as a highly competitive market for bariatric surgery. It was into this market that Austin based Cedar Park Surgeons launched their bariatric program.  Business owners Nicole Basa MD and Alan Abando MD were committed to growing bariatrics in their market but after the first couple of years they were left wondering why more people were not signing up.

Solving the issues of low enrollment

When Cedar Park Surgeons approached us about helping with their enrollment issues we immediately set about implementing a structured program of analysis to form the basis of our conversion improvement strategy.

Create a baseline

When trying to make a change, finding out your current position or baselining is a must.
Our first task was to introduce the Cedar Park team to Influx MD and train them how to use it. By mirroring their current enrollment process using the workflow tools, the staff did not have to change the way they performed their daily tasks. All that was needed was to record various tasks in influx MD instead of on paper charts, spreadsheets, and emails.

Learn why your patients like you (let’s hope they do!)

We then wanted to learn as much about the practice from a potential patient’s point of view as possible.  We quickly learned that the owners and staff of Cedar Park are some of the warmest and caring people we have ever worked with. Kind, empathetic and highly skilled were the three comments we heard over and over from patients. 
Everyone who entered the office felt like the Cedar Park team was interested in them not just what was wrong with them.

Find your value proposition

In competitive markets finding a value proposition that connects with potential patients is an imperative. What sets a practice apart in the eyes of the owners and staff may not have any relevance, or be of only secondary importance to prospects.
What had become clear was that although the skills of the surgeons were important, how they were treated in the office had a higher priority to most of the patients.

Find out what it is like to be a customer

When you look at a practice through the eyes of a patient, you are able to learn things that most practices never understand about themselves. Using website usability testing, interviews, phone calls to various departments and communicating online as a lead during enrollment we developed a picture of what it was like to try and become a patient. We were specifically looking for what the frustrations might be and what reasons could make a prospect abandon their quest.
We uncovered a few sharp edges that needed smoothing over. 

Define an intake process that works

Influx MD made it easy to see the roadblocks that caused problems for new leads. Benchmark reporting were used to set new goals for improvement. Video seminars and education provided extra time for staff to deal with increased leads and provided convenience for leads who found it difficult to schedule coming to the office for classes.
Automations within Influx MD ensured everyone received the right information when they needed it and saved staff time with multiple repetitive tasks.

We implemented a process of gradual adjustment to the existing process to overcome roadblocks any time they were observed. Gradual implementation made the change less stressful for staff and easier to monitor results. The first change was to prioritize the call back phone call.  This single change elicited a 50% bump in meetings scheduled.

Create a marketing message that your clients can understand

Our observations indicated that patients were confused by the medical jargon and overly technical explanations of procedures used in the existing marketing materials. Landing pages, website pages and videos were simplified to include only the must have information presented clearly and concisely.
What was also clear was that talking to a real person is far more desire able for most bariatric leads than communicating through email.  Providing phone call scheduling through Influx MD and adjusting the intake process to increase face-to-face interaction became a priority.

Start testing – everything.

At the heart of effective conversion rate optimization is testing. We test ads, pages, emails, and even processes against each other to find the adjustments that make the most difference to revenue. We even tested online seminars against live seminars (live seminars were discontinued after a short time).

Our thanks to the wonderful folk at Cedar Park Bariatrics for generously allowing us to share some of the strategy that helped them increase conversions over 500% this year. 

What you should do now.

Influx MD is a serious marketing product that can make a huge difference to the bottom line of your medical practice. So if you are serious about improving conversions and increasing revenue for your medical practice, then get in touch with one of our team to discuss how Influx MD can help or request a short demonstration of Influx MD