Find sales-ready leads and refine engagement targeting using lead scoring and grading.

Influx uses demographic, behavioral, and predictive logic to identify the contacts in your sales pipeline who are most likely to convert to patients. Using best-practice indicators as well as custom scoring parameters, Influx accurately identifies your high-value leads. Automatically nurture lower value contacts while your team devotes time to those leads more likely to start with your clinic’s services immediately.

Use lead scoring to qualify leads based and evaluate the interest of your contacts. Locating the lead's position in your buying cycle and applying behavior metrics allows you to predict interest and potential for using your service.

lead grading

Increase Conversions and Revenue

Set goals and prioritize meaningful interaction benchmarks with custom scoring.

Use engagement and buying intent behaviors to determine correlations and conversion probability. You’ll see an improvement in team efficiency and an increase in conversions that improves dramatically with time.

Streamline Engagement with Lead Scoring

Identify which pain-points are motivating leads to contact you and target communication on the issues of greatest importance.

Ask specific questions with surveys to help locate the lead in your buyer cycle and allow you to provide appropriate targeted content.

Maintain communication with leads throughout the buying process by delivering highly relevant information selected by previous interest, preferences, and predictive metrics.

streamline scoring

Conversion Metrics

Optimize Your Intake Pipeline

Improve workflow, efficiency, and conversion outcomes.

Let Influx deep-dive into conversion metrics to identify interest areas, benchmarks, and correlations that lead to strong lead to patient conversion. Use A/B testing to test changes in a workflow based on influx suggestions to determine the success of your modifications.